Becoming a member of the TBA will provide you with lots of benefits and opportunities including: 

  • Advertising and Media coverage

  • locally & internationally Training & Networking Opportunities

  • Membership discounts and incentives

  • Expert knowledge and much more

  • You will also be able to directly propel your business through authorised use of the TBA Logo which will introduce & benchmark industry standards.

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Involved in any part of the wedding business? Become a member of Tobago’s newest Association, founded to promote the island’s rich potential as a destination for Weddings & Honeymoons. Our island is widely known for its beauty, history, heritage and hospitality all of which make it great spot to get “hitched."

The Tobago Bridal Association (TBA) recognizes this and has been created through the THA to position the island as one of the Caribbean’s nuptial hot spots. This we know can happen with your support, by you becoming an active member of our group we can develop this sector of the industry beyond what it is.

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